In the modern world, point-of-sale data breaches are becoming a common issue in many retail businesses. Each year the number of this kind of offenses are significantly increasing. With this increase, any business using a POS system is at risk of cyber-crimes. According to IT experts, some of the factors that may contribute to vulnerability to cyber-attacks are a weak password, remote access ability as well as an inadequate firewall or lack of such measures.

However, you can protect your business from harsh effects of a cyber-crime if you can be able to detect the threat earlier. Here are the four signs that can act as indicators that your POS system is under cyber-attack:

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  1. Unexpected variations of the files – Malware is one of the numerous strategies that cyber fraudster use to attack the organization. Some malware can change your business files and transfer confidential customer information to the attackers. With this in mind, if you note abrupt changes in your POS system files, it may be a red flag of a possible data breach or attack.
  2. Consistent logins failures – Apart from unexpected changes in the files, consistently failed attempts to logins to the system can also be a sign of potential cyber-attack. Naturally, the business system operates on an internal protocol where all computers and POS are networked to each other. As such, frequently failed logins can be evident that unauthorized forces are trying to access the system.
  3. Changes in user permission – Sometimes the attackers may collaborate with your staffs to steal customer information. The workers give the fraudster permission to access your POS system. As such, if you notice a change in user permission of your selling point system, there is a possibility that hackers are getting access to it.
  4. Discovering that your staffs are using POS system to browse the internet – Accordingly, the cyber fraudsters mainly use the internet to attack your business. They do so through sending spammy links and malware as well as email attachments. Once your staffs click on those links or download the attachments, the hackers can access your system through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Hence, realizing that your staffs are using the selling points to access the internet, you should take measures to enhance your system security.


At the end of the day, your POS system is vital and fraudsters main target. If you notice any of the above signs in your POS system, there is a possibility you are under cyber attackers. Hence, it is essential to take measure immediately to prevent harsh impacts.