Inventory management is a crucial task for any businessperson focusing on making high profits. As such, you need to have information the current inventory levels of your business at any time. Knowing what you have and where it does not only make it easier for you to make sales but also gives you an upper hand over your competitors. In achieve this objective, an inventory management is essential.

Fortunately, even if you do not have the revenue to purchase the software, there are several good inventory management softwares available to you at zero cost. Here are the four top free inventory management softwares for Windows:

  • Delivrd

If you operate retail or a small business, Delivrd is designed for you. Delivrd is free inventory management that you can install on your computer. It is cloud-based meaning that you can access it from any point. Further, if you operate your online business either WooCommerce or Shopify, you can easily integrate it with this system.

 Also, the free version of Delivrd has the capability to produce some financial report, use barcoding as well as pick and pack features. If you need more features in future, you can upgrade to paid version at $50 per month.

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  • RightControl Lite

Is your retail operating at least ten business lines? If yes, RightControl Lite is for you. RightControl Lite is free inventory management software designed for serving enterprises limited to ten business lines. The software can generate invoices and sales orders. Also, you can set up automatic reminders for stock levels. As such, you are aware of the appropriate time to reorder.

  • ABC inventory

This software is designed for a single user business meaning it can only operate on one computer. The system allows you to manage multiple warehouses and other data related to inventories. Specifically, ABC inventory is set for use in small organizations with limited tasks.

  • Stocks Inventory

This software is designed for inventory and sales tracking. It enables you to track products based on transactions or transaction type. As such, it eliminates paperwork that saves time and providing better services to your customers.


As seen, in enhancing your inventory management, you can select any of the above free software or open sources. However, you need to consider your business needs and requirements in relation to the available free inventory management systems and software. Also, you need to be conscious on the specification and capability of your business.